Lao-India Entrepreneurship Development Centre Opening Ceremony in 2004

     H.E. Phimmasone LEUANGKHAMXAY                                               H.E. K. Nasvasing

       Standing Deputy Minister of MOES                                      Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Board Committee of LIEDC

Ms. Sengdean Larchanhthaboun

 Standing Deputy Minister of MOES  

Ms. Phonephet Boupha

 Director of Higher Education Department 

Mr Somdy Inmyxay

​​ Director of DOSMEP

            Board committee of LIEDC has been appointed under the agreement of standing deputy minister of Education and Sports No.3800/ສສ.ອສ.06 Dated: 22/12/2016 namely as the detail below:

  1.  Standing deputy minister of Education and Sports                           President
  2.  Director of Higher Education Department                                       Vice president
  3.  Director of DOSMEP, Ministry of Industry and Commerce             Vice president
  4.  Director of Laboring and Social Welfare Department                       Committee
  5.  Director of Banking Institution                                                          Committee
  6.  Director of Productivity Promotion Department, MOIC                   Committee
  7. Representative of Ministry of Finance                                               Committee
  8. Director of Labor Using Division, MOIC                                          Committee
  9. Director of Asian Department, MOFA                                              Committee
  10. Director of Vocational Development Institute                                   Committee
  11. Director of LIEDC                                                                           Secretary

Roles and Organization Chart of LIEDC

1. LIEDC’s roles ()No.3478/ສສກ.ຈຕ, dated: 10/12/2012:

       Lao-Indian Entrepreneurship Development Center has it brief name as LIEDC that is one of the technical organizations of Department of Higher Education. LIEDC is responsible for curriculum and learning-teaching aids development and SMEs Promotion

     2. LIEDC’s Organization Chart:

       Director 1 person                                Deputy Director 1-2 persons

       There are 27 officers, 14 women        With 04 Offices and 10 Units as following:

1.      Administration Office includes 02 units

2.      Entrepreneurship Office includes 03 units

3.      Curriculum and Aids Development includes 03 units

4.      IT Services Office includes 02 units

Lao-India Entrepreneurship Development center Tha Deua Road, Ban Hadsaykhao, Hadsayfong District, Vientiane Capital,

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